Do You Feel That Your Significant Other is Not Being Honest?

Here’s just a few of the signs for you to look out for.

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The Pretty Flower

Suddenly your significant other starts to dress better and spends a lot of time on their appearance. Your spouse will claim it’s for you; it’s usually for their new friend.

Bank Accounts

You notice there is significant cash missing from your joint accounts. Credit card debt also appears to be rising. This is a sign that your spouse is spending money on their new friend.

The Gym or Other Place

You notice that the gym, or some other place, is now the place to hang out. Chances are, your spouse’s new friend visits the same place often.

Home Life

Your spouse spends less time at home and more elsewhere. You are now spending weekends alone and there is always an excuse from your other half.

You’re Crazy

You try to confront your other half, only to find that he/she calls you insecure, and crazy. He/she might also become confrontational when questioned.


Phones, computers and tablets are now locked down and you are not allowed to have the passwords. When you ask, confrontation erupts or the excuses flow like a river.

Only a Few

The above are just a few of the signs that your cheating spouse might exhibit. Some people have been caught cheating so many times in the past; they might not even exhibit signs. This is due to the fact they are experienced cheaters and know how to avoid detection.

This is where your gut feeling comes in. Your cheating spouse could very well be an experienced cheater. They could be hiding all the signs from you. They cannot however fool your subconscious mind which as you know, compares their previous behaviours to what they are now exhibiting and should the subconscious mind discover inconsistencies, it sends you warnings. These warnings are known as gut feelings.

There is also the chance that your cheating spouse is reading the same information about cheaters as you are.

Your Gut Feeling

This is where you need to rely on your gut feeling. As I explained on another page, your gut feeling is simply your subconscious mind sending you warning signals.

Never Ignore Your Gut Feeling

Ignoring your gut feeling can lead to emotional despair or financial ruin. In my many years of experience, most people who experience a gut feeling have something to worry about. Whatever you do, do not allow anyone to brush off your gut feeling as “paranoid” or “crazy.”

Chance Never Works

Don’t leave your situation to chance. Contact us today for your free consultation. We have experienced private investigators with a solid track record of exposing cheaters. We can get the facts you need.