Covert Surveillance – Banff Alberta

Covert Surveillance is key to acquiring your required information. We use only the latest cutting-edge technology when investigating your situation.

An investigator should always blend in with his/her surroundings. When we do your covert surveillance in Banff, we use trucks and SUVS. This is due to the fact that full size cars arouse suspicion.

Modern Surveillance Techniques

Our investigators have been trained by either the RCMP or Elite Israeli Secret Service and use only modern and advanced covert surveillance techniques.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Banff Private Investigators uses cutting-edge technology to help bring a quick conclusion to your unique situation.

Advanced GPS Tracking Systems

Our GPS units stay running for 20–30 days, and are linked to a satellite. Those other guys have a 7 day limit on their batteries, and they use the old-fashioned type of GPS. A standard tracking unit does not interface into a satellite, and therefore is not as accurate.

Note: In areas lacking cell phone coverage, the old-fashioned and more common type of GPS does not work.

A live satellite feed ensures that we know where your cheater is at all times. A longer battery life makes all the difference in the world as we can leave the advanced GPS tracking system on a vehicle for 20 – 30 days before it needs to be swapped out. More battery life translates to less cost for you.

Premium Drone Surveillance Unit

Our private eye in the sky is offered at no extra cost with all of our professional investigation packages. We don’t believe in nickel and diming you.

Covert 4K Cameras

We have a selection of covert 4K cameras. These cameras make all the difference in the world when investigating a cheating spouse or other suspected cheater that hangs out in a bar or other public area.

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