GPS Tracking

gps navigation system in carBanff Private Investigators has GPS or Global Positioning Systems tracking capabilities for tracking vehicles anywhere in North America and if necessary anywhere in the world. Our systems can be placed on a vehicle for 7 to 28 days under self-contained batteries or the vehicle can be hard wired with the GPS and it is good for an unlimited period of time. This can also be done in cold weather but it does make the battery life shorter. Once installed on a vehicle any movement will be noticed and the activities at a particular location can then be checked. If the person is in a restaurant or bar we have hidden cameras and can record the activities.
Our systems have been used in a variety of terrain and locations, including Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Slave Lake as well as the Canmore, Banff, Golden, B.C. areas with no problems whatsoever. The GPS picked up the satellites necessary for tracking even in the Rocky Mountains and Rogers Pass area. By using GPS tracking the surveillance is pinpoint precise as the systems will pinpoint locations to within twenty feet and show this on a street map.
If the area is new or not mapped or in a remote area we have full Satellite based GPS systems that will work anywhere and provide proper land coordinates. Installation on any vehicle can be done in cases of people who are married, common law or where a person has a financial interest in the vehicle. This is essentially one person permission. Installation takes about 30 seconds.
Surveillance is still one of the most productive methods in investigations but with GPS tracking the time spent on surveillance is extremely accurate and losing a vehicle is just about impossible. The clients that have used this service are very happy in that the budget expended is very productive and the results are without any doubt.