The Gut Feeling

Hello, I am the general manager at Banff Private Investigators. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever experienced a gut feeling about a person you know? Your gut feeling might be about your significant other, or even your business partner(s).

I know from my many years of experience, that gut feeling you are having, is actually your subconscious mind warning you.

Your subconscious mind creates a template based on your spouses, or someone else’s behavioural patterns.

The template now becomes what is normal and acceptable.

Once Behaviour Changes

When established routines and/or behaviours change, your subconscious mind, analyzes their new behaviour patterns and eventually screams out,
“Your spouse is cheating on you.” Or, “Your business partner is cheating you.”
The cheater may also very well be an employee. Dishonest employees grow by the year.

Don’t Do This

Don’t let anyone brush your suspicions off as “paranoid”, or “crazy.” The fact of the matter is, in most cases, your subconscious mind is correct.

FACT: The majority of cheaters have been doing so since they were children. As the cheating progresses, so does the level of sophistication and deception.

Many Different Services Available

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